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On Demand Webinars

Webinar: WS110816 : Effective Talent Management using PCMM®

Dated: 11 Aug 2016
Validity: 1 Month
Duration: 90 Minutes
Price: Free


In pursuit of “right” talent management, organizations have tried and still trying several combinations – like restructuring, technology process reengineering, initiating employee engagement programs, communicating stakeholder vision, training and skill building initiatives, job rotations, providing flexible work timings and so on. However, it is often seen that these initiatives fail to bring in the desired quantum of positive effect in the workforce. One of the major reasons for this is that often these initiatives are treated as isolated initiatives and over a period of time get diluted and ultimately fade into oblivion due to lack of sustenance.

People CMM® is a maturity framework that guides organizations in improving their ability to attract, develop, motivate, organize, and retain talent. The practices included in the People CMM have been chosen from past global experience because they have significant impact on individual, team, unit and organizational performance.

This webinar aims at familiarizing the participants to the P-CMM® Model.


The webinar will help the participants:

  • Understand the need for People CMM
  • To understand the model and the various maturity levels
  • Understand the benefits of adopting this model in an Organization

Webinar Outline

The webinar would cover the following main areas:

· Current challenges and the Need for the People CMM® Model

  • The Maturity framework
  • People CMM Process Areas, Levels
  • Benefits of adopting this model in an Organization


This webinar would be useful for:

  • HR professionals
  • Business leaders
  • Senior managers
  • Quality professionals


  • None

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