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All you need to do is drive traffic to our website by placing our text link/Banner on your site and you'll be paid for the leads generated.

QAI eLearning-Overview

The QAI eLearning affiliate program gives affiliates the opportunity to earn a percentage for referrals of Enrollments to our world renowned elearning courses in Software Engineering and Management, Software Testing, Project Management, People CMM, CMMI and Six Sigma.

QAI (, the world's leading software process consulting organization addressing Operational Excellence have a series of education, testing and certification initiatives through QAI eLearning-an elearning suite. QAI has launched QAI eLearning to address the enormous need for anytime, anywhere, high-quality and cost effective training to train the thousands of recruits being hired in the IT industry today.

QAI eLearning along with Dr. Roger Pressman, the author of the most widely used Software Engineering book, Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach, bring world-class courses in the field of software engineering, facilitates knowledge, competence and skill creation in the domains of Software Engineering and Quality Management. It offers courses for individuals & IT organizations. There are over 45 courses spanning 13 domains. A Certificate of Completion is provided after successful completion of the course.

Board of Advisors

The board of advisors for QAI eLearning includes thought leaders and leading practitioners from the Software Engineering‚ Management‚ Process‚ and Quality domains and they are: Dr. Roger Pressman, Bruce Schoor, Steve Bender, Theresa Morris, and Prof. Colin Tully.

Client Base

HP, USA has already purchased thousands of licenses over two years for its worldwide usage. HCL has purchased 55,000 + licenses, amongst several others including Satyam, Wipro, Rapidigm.

Affiliate Program

QAI eLearning appreciates a sound business relationship with the affiliates.Leads are accepted from users who want to enhance their IT knowledge and want to buy a course. IT organizations will be interested in getting their employees trained online. Leads are accepted from retail as well as corporate users. A dedicated team for proper accounting of leads has been appointed. Commissions are based on per valid lead basis which means that the customer has shown interest in buying a course license and has filled in complete relevant details.

QAI eLearning would provide the affiliates with the banners and text links. The affiliates would place the banner/text link on their site. The users who would visit the affiliate's site and get to view the link and click and submit the 'Contact to Purchase' or 'Request Info' forms on the site, QAI eLearning would receive the leads. And affiliates would be paid for valid leads.

QAI eLearning is looking for affiliates which can help generating good volumes of good quality leads. In this pursuit, there is a dedicated team for accounting and validation of leads. This is a great opportunity to profit from a sector of the web that is forecast for outstanding growth over the next few years.


  • Easy to join
  • Fast affiliate support
  • Earn attractive commissions
  • Timely payments
  • Best courses in the Software Engineering and Quality Management domain
  • Emerging IT market
  • Good rate of conversion from casual visitor to a lead
  • Dedicated team for proper accounting of leads
  • Dedicated Account managers for quick query resolution
  • Long standing relationships


Lead @ $1 per valid lead

A lead is considered to be a valid lead if the customer has shown interest in buying a course license and has filled in relevant details in the 'Contact to Purchase' or 'Request Info' form on our site.

Payment Details

QAI eLearning would pay the affiliates for the valid leads.In the beginning of every month, QAI eLearning would send a proper detailed report to the affiliates, consisting of total number of leads received and validated and the payment to be made. The affiliate would then send the invoice and QAI eLearning would make the payment through Paypal.

Thus the payment would be done on monthly basis.

Join for Free

Joining our affiliate program is simple and free. If you would like to discuss your potential involvement in this affiliate program, please contact us at:

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