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Board of Advisors

The board advisors for QAI eLearning includes thought leaders and leading practitioners from the Software Engineering‚ Management‚ Process‚ and Quality domains.

The foundation of QAI eLearning is built by these thought leaders. They play a critical role in influencing and shaping the architecture of QAI eLearning and in giving it strategic as well as business direction.

QAI eLearning leverages the knowledge and expertise of these advisors to provide learners with a complete learning experience. Their vast knowledge of the subject and the industry helps in ensuring that QAI eLearning offerings meet all requirements of the learners. The Board of Advisors also includes co-authors of some of the QAI eLearning courses.

Dr. Roger S. Pressman

Co-author of the ¡®Software Engineering & Management Series¡¯ in QAI eLearning‚ Dr. Pressman is an internationally recognized authority in software engineering. He is the author of six books including the world¡®s most widely used software engineering textbook.

For over 30 years‚ he has worked as a software engineer‚ a manager‚ a professor‚ an author‚ and a consultant‚ focusing on software engineering issues.

Dr. Pressman has designed and developed products that are used worldwide for software engineering training and process improvement. Essential Software Engineering (ESE)‚ the industry¡®s most comprehensive video curriculum in software engineering‚ and Process Advisor‚ the industry¡®s first self-directed software process improvement product are two of his widely acclaimed products.

Stephen A. Bender

Steve Bender, President of The Quality Connection, is a management consultant, past Senior Examiner for New York State's Excelsior Award, and veteran in Quality Assurance. He is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA), and Certified Quality Examiner (CQE). He is listed in The Yearbook of Authorities, Experts, and Spokespersons and is a Life Member of the International Registry of Who's Who.

He has edited and contributed material for books on testing, standards, human resources, computer assessment of mutual funds, and written for Government and Computer news, the QAI Journal, Industry Week, the Journal of Quality and Participation, the Capital District Business Review, Anchor Point, and others. He also authored the book Managing Projects Well, on "what they don't teach you in project management school."

Theresa Morris

Theresa Morris is an educational consultant, past Instructional Design and Evaluation Consultant for J.D. Edwards and Company, and auditor for The Treasury Department (Denver District).

She has participated in numerous areas in instructional design and training evaluation. These include the management of front-end, formative, and summative course evaluation, training certification, web-based training, and computer-based testing. She has submitted materials for the successful American Council on Education Certification for the Management Certification Program offered at the Western Management Development Center (WMDC).

Scott W. Ambler

Scott W. Ambler is well known for his work on large-scale software development projects and on software process improvement (SPI) efforts around the world. He has been working in the IT industry for almost 20 years and is a software process expert. He is a thought leader of the Agile Modeling (AM) methodology and a lead instructor of the Agile Modeling workshop. He is also the originator of some of the software development practices¡ªAgile Data‚ Agile Modeling‚ and the Enterprise Unified Process (EUP).

Scott has written several books and white papers on object-oriented software development‚ software process, agile modeling, and EUP. Some of his most popular books are Agile Modeling, Agile Database Techniques‚ and The Object Primer 3/e. Scott is a senior contributing editor with Software Development magazine and a member of the Flashline Software Development Productivity Council.

Bruce F. Schoor

Bruce F. Schoor is a recognized expert in quality assurance and process effectiveness. In his 18 years of association with the software industry‚ Bruce has mastered the art of shaping strong QA teams and designing high impact best practices. His abilities lie particularly in assessing organizational capability‚ outlining improvement initiatives‚ and implementing changes in complex environments while dealing with team dynamics and fast growth.

In the context of education‚ Bruce has developed a complete curriculum of courses and conducted workshops and mentoring sessions. A unique aspect of his training programs is the transfer of actual industry experience through a careful blend between theories and successfully applied industry best practices. He has written numerous articles for leading QA journals and web portals‚ and is an eminent speaker at various conferences


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