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On Demand Webinars
WS061017: The Interface between Project and Program Management
WS111017: How to get more with Scrum!
WS051017: SAFe® 4.0 Scrum Master (SSM)
WS270917: The New Service Age
Archived Webinars
AG101: Agile Processes
ES 101: Estimations Primer
BA 105: Role of Business Analyst in User Acceptance Testing
BA 103: Moving from QA to BA
Expert Panel
Kamlesh Kothari
Mukul Madan
Ingo Philipp
Shyama Chakraborty
Philip Hearsum

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Webinar?
A Webinar is a Web-based seminar with audio delivered over the Web or through teleconference telephone connection.  A Webinar is the next best thing to a live classroom environment.
At QAI Global institute, we deliver Webinars on various themes selected based on inputs from our customers and market requirements.  All our speakers are experts with multidimensional experience in their domains.

The QAI Global Institute Webinars are delivered at your desk through a special Web broadcast (interactive WEB cast) to present spreadsheets, web pages, documents, and Power Points together with interactive chat and graphics for presenter and attendees.

2. What are the modes in which Webinars are offered?
QAI Global Institute Webinars are available as Live and Interactive Webinars to optimize attendee interaction.

3. How do I order and register?

Registration is required for attending Live Webinars. All registered users of Live Webinars get access to its recording at no additional cost.

The recording of the Webinars are shipped via email link to the respective location on our website within 7-10 business days.  This location will have links to the recording of the live webinar and any supporting documents related to the Webinar. For Live Webinars you will get an email with a link and access details that you will use to join the meeting atleast 1 business day before the session is scheduled.

An overview of the process appears below:
  • Select the desired Webinar subject.
  • Be sure it will run on your machine (before or after order).
  • Order product, using your (the attendee's) name and email address.
  • Paypal processes the order.
  • 1-2 days prior to the Live webinar, you will get an email with the Webinar link and access details.
  • For live orders, pretest link and login. 
  • Join Webinar early.
No physical products are shipped; the entire process of ordering, payment, and order fulfillment is via email.  Be sure you can receive emails from us.

Join using your login ID and password; do not join as a guest.  If prompted to install a browser add- in, accept it if you are allowed to; connection speeds will be faster and connection problem handling will be more robust.

4. What are the system requirements/what live webinar preparations should I make?

The QAI Global Institute Webinar system is more robust, and more likely to run on your system.  However, today's firewalls can still be such that good preparation is a must.  You can confirm that your system will work prior to purchase. 5. Who can attend the Webinars, and how?
Anyone who finds the Webinar topic interesting can register and attend the Webinar. If this is your first time, come 15 minutes early. Geographically diverse individuals from the same company or agency can independently register and attend at the same time, to have the same experience.

6. How do I know Webinars work on my machine?

Webinars use Adobe Flash Player, rather than often-firewalled javascripts. Therefore, a vast majority of private, commercial, and government users do not face problems.  However, security precautions in some installations are so severe that ordinary web access, downloads, and even innocuous emails are often barricaded.  We keep contents simple enough to avoid most spam blockers and firewalls. We also provide measures that help you test and pre-condition your PC, server, firewall, and spam blockers.  Here are ways you can be sure in advance:

7. I have done pre-conditioning, still I am Unable to attend Live webinar
We will assure your positive experience.  Ensure you have followed the steps provided to you in email. Pre-conditioning in the first Webinar does not guarantee that the next webinar will run; systems administrators upgrade their systems all the time;  Briefly recertify your system each time. If your organization has "contractor ports" not subject to firewalls, consider using those

If alternatives don't work for you, contact us and we will send you the recorded version.

8. I'm new to Webinars. How do they work?

Webinars are a new technology blending Web access, telephone teleconference, instant chat messaging, rich media sharing (screens, PowerPoints) live video feed, interactivity, and document/slide annotation.  To be an active rather than passive attendee, it is helpful to understand Webinar functionality well.  Furthermore, On Demand (archived) Webinars include flash movies, and supporting documents if any. To understand WEBinar page layout, go to: www.adobe.com/products/acrobatconnectpro/demo/

9. Why didn't I get my link via email?

Even if you got an acknowledgement of your order, the email containing your live reservation link or your On Demand links may have been filtered out as spam.  Sometimes this is because the links are sent out as a group (hidden to protect your privacy) and sometimes embedded links trigger the spam filtering mechanism.
  • Be sure that elearning@qaiglobal.com  is listed as "friendly" to any spam filters.
  • You may have mistyped your office email during payment/registration.
  • You may have listed your home email during payment/registration and your link was sent to that address instead, unexpectedly.
  • We normally expect you to enter an email address during payment/registration that is an office email address. We expect this email will be accessible from the same work station that will be used for live attendance.  
  • If you cannot overcome office spam filters, consider listing your home email address instead.  Of course, you won't be getting last minute email updates unless you access your home email from your office.
  • Remember that it takes 1-7 days from receipt of your order for an acknowledgement or link.
  • On Demand Webinar contents are processed from the live Webinar.  It takes time to digitize the contents and create the audio and movie files.  These are ready 1-7 days after the live event.
  • If it is more than 7 days after your order, or within 1 day of the live event, and you don't have your email, contact us.
  • Be sure to check your spam folder frequently after your order to be sure to get your order.

10. What is the cost of Webinars?
Some Webinars are free, most are available at nominal cost. Go to our Webinar schedule for pricing on paid Webinars.

11. What does my screen look like during the Webinar?

To understand WEBinar page layout, go to: www.adobe.com/products/acrobatconnectpro/demo/

12. What does a Webinar offer that a Teleconference or email does not?

  • Live visuals and power points, interactive with attendees
  • Live Q and A based on materials, in real time
  • Ability to gather joint thoughts and post them to a shared document
  • Ability to instantly share files and documents with attendees
  • Live discussions with panels of experts
  • Ability to review materials after the Webinar has ended

13. Why the teleconference instead of Voice over the Internet (VOIP) for some webinars?
Quality is of utmost importance. At times, VOIP may nor deliver quality audio or there may be several seconds of delay. In such situations, a telephone teleconference might be used. You will be intimated through email, if the Webinar will have audio delivered via telephone teleconference. In the On Demand version of a Webinar that uses a teleconference in place of VOIP, the presentation and audio will be delivered separately

14. How much do I pay for the telephone teleconference?

For a telephone teleconference, you may be required to dial-in to a local number or nearest STD number. All you pay is your normal local call charges.

15. Will I need special software to attend the Webinar?

No. You do not need special software to attend Webinars.  Most computers come pre-packaged with Macromedia Flash, which is required.  You can do a Flash version check.  If your computer is not up to date with Flash, you can Install Flash giving you the current version free of charge

To get the most from the Webinar, you will need authorization to do downloads, have access to certain websites through your firewall, and receive emails from us not blocked by your spam checker

16. I ordered the live Webinar only. Do I get the recorded webinar later?

  • Yes.  All registered participants of a Live webinar will be given access to its recording for a period of 30 days after the recording is made available.
  • If you have not registered for the Live session, you can order the On Demand version at any time.
17. How does the video work, and will I be shown if I have a camera?
Live video feed is displayed of the presenter(s). There is a time delay, so reading lips doesn't generally work. Even if you have a camera, your video will not be displayed, although the moderator may choose to display your camera feed if you become one of the presenters.

18. I registered and paid for the Webinar, and then learned that I cannot come. Do I get a refund?

  • Webinars are non-cancelable and non-refundable.  Like low priced airfares, we keep our costs down this way.  We have to pay for the space from our Webinar provider when you register, whether you attend or not.
  • You are allowed substitutions by someone who can share your email address, as the primary registrant.
  • QAI would process/provide refund only if the Live Webinar has been cancelled. Webinar may be cancelled due to lack of enrolment or unavoidable factors. Registrants will be notified 24hours in advance if a cancellation occurs." The registrants in this case can choose between the recorded version of the webinar or refund for any cancelled webinar.
  • Refunds will not be given to participants who do not show up for the webinar. Recordings can be requested in exchange.
  • For substitution, please email  elearning@qaiglobal.com.
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