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On Demand Webinars

Webinar: BA 105: Role of Business Analyst in User Acceptance Testing

Dated: 29 Mar 2011
Validity: 1 Month
Duration: 120 Minutes
Price: INR 1000 + 14% ST

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The objective of software development is to develop the software products ‘fit for use’ and meet the true needs of the customer, and not just the system specifications. To accomplish this, the need of the hour has been to clearly define the acceptance criteria early in the project and integrate those criteria into all aspects of development process. Though testing is conducted throughout the life of a software product, user acceptance testing is the final phase where the product is declared ‘fit for use’ and accepted by the customer. A business analyst plays a very important role throughout the project life cycle to achieve this goal.

The webinar provides an overview on;

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Process,
  • Business Analyst interface in software development life cycle with respect to UAT

To understand;

  • User Acceptance Testing Process and establishing acceptance criteria
  • Business Analyst responsibilities throughout the project life cycle for successful acceptance of the product
  • Business Analyst role during User Acceptance Testing Phase

Webinar Outline

The webinar would cover the following areas:

  • Testing Concepts
  • Types of Testing with focus on Acceptance Testing
  • How to define acceptance criteria
  • Roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst in User Acceptance Testing
  • Defect Management

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who wants basic understanding of role of Business Analyst for UAT
  • Business Analyst/Information Systems Analyst/Application or Information Architect/Systems Analyst/ Designer/Project Manager


  • None

Suggested Pre-Readings

  • None

The Live Webinar System Requirements

The video & audio segments of the Webinar's are accessed independently. We will be using a system called Adobe Connect to conduct the video segment of the Webinar. You will NOT have to download any software.

Participants from India click here to make payment

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