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WS310517: AG109: Do’s and Don’ts for Agile adoption -Recorded Session
WS070617: Business Process Innovation -Recorded Session
WS090617:  Scaled Agile Framework - Implementing Agile Release Train
WS190617: Openstack Neutron behind the scenes
On Demand Webinars
WS190517:Business Excellence for Technical support centers
WS170517: How healthy is your agile team? - Recorded Session
WS190417: Webinar Title: Roadmap for Implementing Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) 1-2-3
WS140417:High Maturity in Agile Environment-Recorded Sessoin
Archived Webinars
AG101: Agile Processes
ES 101: Estimations Primer
BA 105: Role of Business Analyst in User Acceptance Testing
BA 103: Moving from QA to BA
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Kamlesh Kothari
Mukul Madan
Shyama Chakraborty
Sankararaman Dhandapani
V Subramanyam
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