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Upcoming Webinars

WS23032017:Effectively Documenting CAR & OPM cases

Date: 23 Mar 2017
Time: 4:00 PM IST
Duration: 60 Minutes
Price: Free
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For achieving CMMI Level 5 or High maturity as it is commonly addressed these days, Causal Analysis & Resolution & Organizational Performance Management are key process areas.

Many a times it is observed that organizations miss out on key ingredients of these process areas, in absence on which it is hard to justify how the actions were carried out for achieving these & what were the benefits reaped. This seminar will help us look into typical content that needs to be covered when preparing for CAR & OPM.


The webinar will help the participants:

  • To understand the context of CAR & OPM
  • To understand what are the typical points that needs to be covered when preparing CAR & OPM report
  • To understand what kind of tests need to be run on data to support the results.

Webinar Outline

The webinar would cover the following main areas:

  • Brief overview of CAR & OPM.
  • Common misinterpretations about CAR & OPM.
  • Typical contents of CAR & OPM.


This webinar would be useful for:

  • Project Managers
  • Quality Managers & Quality support staff


  • None

Suggested Pre-Readings:

CMMI Process areas OPP, QPM/QWM, CAR & OPM
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